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Make a Wish Does Some Mythbusting

This blog post by the Make-A-Wish Foundation is a touching and effective way to dispel the myth that they only help children who are terminally ill. It's also a great example of nonprofit communications that help people better understand what exactly an organization does while driving home the impact of their work.

Inspired by the Make-A-Wish post, here are a few themes your organizations could explore:

  • What are some of myths or incorrect assumptions about your organization that you could dispel?
  • What makes your work satisfying and meaningful despite the challenges you encounter or the difficult emotions you experience?
  • What do you really do for every person you serve? As the Make-A-Wish Foundation explains, their work is not about fulfilling a dying wish—it's about rallying a community to provide joyous memories for parents and children during a difficult time. We can read your mission on your About page, but how does that affect the lives of individual people?

    New Beginnings - Not Last Wishes [Make-A-Wish Foundation]