Past Speaking Engagements


April 2016 - I was honored to put together and facilitate a "Millennial Unpanel" discussing what nonprofit organizations can do to attract and retain talent from the millennial generation. We had a great slate of panelists and had a robust discussion about intergenerational leadership and talent development.

Unfortunately the presentation below doesn't encompass our broad conversation, but it does showcase the panelists, busts a few millennial myths, and includes the results from an informal social media poll about what young people want their organizations to know about recruiting and retaining them.


December 2015 - Idealist has been putting out a great series of videos that they've been informally calling their "60 Second MPA." It's bite-size bits of leadership advice and wisdom and they asked me to record a series of videos for them.

You can hear me talk about:

  • The difference between leadership and management [YouTube]
  • Professional development strategies for young leaders [YouTube]
  • Tips for creating a diverse and inclusive culture in your organization [YouTube]
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.01.56 PM.png

May 2015 - I had the privilege of sitting on a panel for Idealist Careers on the topic of careers in nonprofit communications. If you're not following what Idealist Careers has been up to on their blog, then you're missing out.

Even as a participant I learned a lot from this panel. In our conversation, we talked about our personal paths to nonprofit communications, the skills we've found most valuable, and why communications skills are really at the center of everything these days.

Check out the panel here.

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March 2015 - I had the chance to talk about millennial leadership in the nonprofit sector with Todd Greer, the Executive Director of the Synervision Leadership Foundation. He's been putting together an excellent series of Google Hangouts with thought leaders working in various facets of social impact and the nonprofit sector and I was thrilled to get to be a part of it.

Todd asked some great questions about intergenerational leadership and I always love getting the chance to talk about YNPN and what we do.

You can check out the Hangout here.


April 2015 - I was invited to speak to this convening of nonprofit governance researchers, consultants, and practitioners about nonprofit board diversity and what we've learned at YNPN about engaging and supporting young leaders.


December 2014 - I presented two sessions at the New Jersey Center for Nonprofits annual conference.

The first session of the day was co-presented with Terry Newhard, CEO of CEO, Northwest New Jersey Community Action Partnership, on the "leadership gap" and how organizations can attract and retain talent.

Among other great tidbits, I shared some interesting results from the survey we conducted with Nonprofit Quarterly. Check them out in the presentation below.

The second session of the day was an intergenerational conversation co-facilitated with Jamie Kyte Sapoch entitled "Notes to my 25 Year-Old Self." We went deep on what established and emerging leaders can learn from each other and look forward to as four generations enter the workforce.


June 2014 - I co-facilitated a panel entitled "The Freelance Future and You" where we discussed the rise of the gig economy, what it means for nonprofit organizations, and how you can use freelancing or moonlighting as an opportunity for professional advancement.

Below you can find the guide that my co-presenters and I created to offer a kickstart to future freelancers.


July 2013 - I spoke to leaders of local bar associations on how they can use social media to effectively engage their member attorneys. Read more about the talk and download the materials here.