Transis Software Product Page

Transis will transform the way you work.

We're proud to introduce Transis Planner, a workflow software that streamlines the media planning and collaboration process. Transis lets you spend more time planning strategically and less time buying so you can focus on creating great campaigns for your clients.

Transis Planner is the first in a family of products changing the way the advertising industry works. Here's what Transis can do for you:

Software that moves as quickly as your industry.

Move quicker, adjust faster, and work smarter. Transis reduces the friction that slows you down when creating campaigns.

Transis eliminates the additional work that goes into keeping a campaign organized so that you can spend more time on strategy and less time on implementation.

Proposals, negotiations, and contracts all in one place.

All of the information for each of your campaigns is stored together for easy access and comparison.

Transis allows you to negotiate placements directly with publishers and add comments to a campaign page. Now all of your notes and conversations are kept in one place--and that's right next to the campaign you're discussing.

Innovation and quality service your clients can't get from other agencies.

Your competitors are doing things the old way while you're using Transis. Now you're able to handle more campaigns and spend your time crafting outstanding digital strategy. You'll also have better, more productive relationships with publishers because you're able to communicate and negotiate effectively.

Take your media planning mobile.

Transis for the iPhone lets you have mobile access to all of your Transis campaigns, conversations, and contacts.

You can easily view and comment on your campaigns when you're away from your desk and stay up-to-date on what's happening while you're out of the office.

It's ok. It's supposed to be this easy.

The only difficult thing about using Transis is getting used to how easy it will make your job. Now that communication is simplified and your campaigns are organized, what will you do with your extra time?