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Shop Local: Wander

Published in Citygram Magazine, October 2013

After inheriting his grandfather's handsomely aged leather map bag from World War II, Daniel Ralsky wondered why companies no longer made timeless, heirloom-quality products that could last a lifetime. He started Satchel & Page to bring durable and beautiful goods from the past to the present.

The company is founded on the principles of affordability and sustainability, two qualities mostly absent from today's leather goods market. Satchel & Page uses an environmentally friendly vegetable tanning process that doesn't create harsh chemical byproducts. The bags are also hand-stitched and made from leather that's thicker than the industry standard so that they won't crack or wear through, and they're guaranteed to last for a lifetime of wandering. Bags start at $200 and the distinguished leather-bound journals start at an even more affordable $48.

You may have seen Satchel & Page's blockbuster Kickstarter earlier this year when they raised more than $200,000 above their original goal. If you didn't get a chance to order through the original project, don't fret--pre-orders for the next batch of bags, tags, and journals recently opened on their website.