Orange Restaurant

Published on the Not for Tourists Guide, September 24, 2008

Pancakes, you know how we're always talking about spicing up our love lives and trying new things? And how important it is to be respectful of each other's desires? I was thinking that maybe, you know, if you're into it, we could bring someone else into breakfast with us. Like, maybe four someones. There's this place that I heard about, Orange, and every week they have a different theme. You show up around brunch time and they set you up with four pancakes dressed up like something related to that theme. I just think that sounds really... exciting. And it's totally safe! If you don't like one, well, then you have three others. And they get that it's not supposed to be a long-term thing--the pancakes are just there for a week and then something new comes along. I think this would really help us break out of that hot butter and syrup rut we’ve been in. I don’t want to pressure you, but if you really love me you’ll do this.