Centro Brand Exchange Product Page

It's time to change the exchange.

We believe great brands deserve great content. To that end, we've developed an invitation-only exchange to connect brand advertisers with a unique group of premium publishers.

We're creating the best exchange in the business. Here's what you can expect from the Centro Brand Exchange.

Selective Partnerships.

Every advertiser and publisher invited to the Centro Brand Exchange is carefully vetted to ensure the quality of the messaging and content. Brands can be confident that they're appearing next to premium content and reaching their most valued customers.

Our exchange is IAB Certified, which ensures brand safety to advertisers. When buying or selling on our exchange, you can be confident that your partners are of the highest caliber.

Preferred buying methods.

Powered by our proprietary platform, we're redefining the exchange experience by offering you two ways to access premium inventory you can trust. You can make direct CPM buys through our experienced digital sales force or use our exchange's real-time bidding capabilities.

We also provide powerful audience targeting tools from industry leaders like BlueKai, Nielsen, Targus, Datalogix, and Bizo.

White glove service.

As part of our elite group of advertisers and publishers, you'll continue to receive Centro's superior customer service and support. Whether making direct buys or using our real-time bidding capabilities, you can rely on our team for flawless execution.

Our experienced team is always working to bring you digital media that delivers.

Are you ready for a change?

The Centro Brand Exchange offers exclusive access to quality content and the industry's best exchange experience.

If you'd like to learn more about the Centro Brand Exchange, please select one of the options below to get in touch.